About Me

Hey there, I am Aviram K., a lifelong dog lover, science and research enthusiast, and the founder of this site.

Dogs are beautiful creatures. There is a reason why they are referred to as man's best friends.

I don't believe there are inherently bad dogs - just ones that weren't appropriately trained or not given enough love.

Aggressive or cruel dog training methods are strictly off-limits for this site, as I strongly oppose them.

I hope that through sharing my knowledge and research on this site, you will become a more responsible, confident, and happy dog owner.

My mission is to ultimately help you improve your relationship with your dog and give you tools to make the best decisions for you both.

How I Create Content

Before I even begin writing content, I always do thorough and in-depth research on the topic at hand to make sure I cover all of the relevant aspects.

I go out of my way to ensure every piece of content is simplistic and easy to understand.

I emphasize facts and link to relevant and trustworthy sources whenever I claim something that is not obvious.

Most of the time, I research, write, and edit all of the content on this site by myself.

There are cases, however, where I will hire freelance writers to help me meet some deadlines. This doesn't reduce the quality of the content whatsoever - I personally do the research and vigorously edit everything to my liking at the end.

I will never compromise the quality or integrity of the content to make a quick buck.

Some articles may include products that I recommend for dog owners. Those products are always chosen solely with your benefit in mind.

My top priority is to make this site a place you trust to make the best decisions for yourself and your dog.

What's In It For You?

By consuming content on this site, you'll always get authentic, well-researched, and well-organized information that you can trust.

I am never biased in any way and never make claims without backing them. Furthermore, I always try to use various experts' opinions to create the most accurate content possible.

Looking forward to you reading the content on this site. You can check out the most popular and recent articles by clicking here.
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